All About Me...

My life in a nutshell

  • I am a wife and mum to four incredible humans

  • I am a trained teacher who works part-time in kindergartens

  • Writing is my greatest passion

  • I live on a farm in Australia with ducks, chooks, a goat and an ADHD dog

  • Hiking and camping in nature are my favourite ways to de-stress

  • It took trauma to wake me up and show me how little I believed in myself

  • I took my pain and turned it into purpose

The scenic version

I grew up in South Africa during a time where crime was on the increase, and apartheid oppressed certain people. As a child, the history I was taught was biased, so it's fair to say that I was cautious and fearful of those who were unlike me. I was a highly sensitive kid, and the thought of disappointing others moulded me into a people-pleaser. I was unable to summon the courage to say "No" when I felt unsafe or uncomfortable. I struggled to find my voice and stand up for myself. Fear was my biggest hurdle as I entered adulthood, and it sabotaged me constantly.

When I left home to attend College, I was drawn into the world of religion. I was the perfect candidate - impressionable, pliable, insecure, and fearful. I believed that something external would help me become a better, more confident person. For the next 30 years, I became deeply involved in a religious system, sacrificing my authenticity in the process. Subtle grooming and brainwashing, led me down a path of increased fear, dependency, and control. In the process, I lost touch with my true self, completely.

Finally, I got to a point where I could no longer pretend, so I left religion. I was desperate to "find myself", despite knowing that I would face rejection, humiliation, and lies. Still I chose to walk that road. It was traumatic, and pain was the megaphone that shook me from my mental coma. For many months I felt lost, broken, engulfed in shame, and really confused. I second-guessed whether I had done the right thing time and time again.

Fortunately, I wasn't alone on this painful journey. I had unwavering support from my family, and a friend who pointed me toward writing as a healing tool. As I began to express my emotions and develop my creativity, so I began to heal. It wasn't easy - it took time to find courage, to show vulnerability, to rebuild my confidence and find my true purpose.

So, what qualifies me to help you, or your child?

While I may not possess a medical degree in psychology, my life experiences have been my greatest teacher. Through personal growth and self-discovery, I have learned to love and reinvent myself. My trauma broke me in many ways, but it also offered me a bridge to some brilliant minds (psychologists, neuroscientists, and mindfulness practitioners), allowing me to apply their wisdom to my life. I learned to embrace pain, evolve, and ultimately expand my horizons which has made me feel more authentic than I have in years.

The tools and knowledge I learned, have transformed my life for the better and nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my knowledge with those who need it. Writing eventually became more than just a healing tool for me -it became a passion, enabling me to be brave enough to write children's' stories, motivational books, and novels.

Knowledge gives us power, and when we're willing to be vulnerable and embrace our inner fears, we grow, which empowers us to become stronger, more resilient individuals. If you are searching for a path to healing, I would be honoured to lend you my support and guidance.

Caroline xx

A few fun facts...

  • I've lived on 3 continents - South Africa, New Zealand & Australia

  • I love coffee and a good glass of red wine

  • The longest hikes I've done were 800km across Spain, & 450km across Tasmania

  • I love to travel and 3 countries on my bucket list are Scotland, Italy, and Turkey

  • Some of my favourite foods are sushi, Thai and Mexican.

  • I've written numerous children's books and even a suspense novel

  • Green is my favourite colour

  • I am discovering the joy of photography


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