Transformation begins from the inside!

Hey there, I’m Caroline,


I used to think that life happened to me, which made me apologetic, and insecure in my own abilities. I compared myself to others constantly and judged myself harshly. I did not trust my own intuition, so others dictated my purpose. This lack of control eroded my self-esteem and stifled my creativity, leaving me a hot mess.

It took trauma to wake me up - to help me understand that life doesn't randomly happen to me, but that challenges are opportunities for incredible growth. Embarking on a transformative healing journey was terrifying, as it required courage and vulnerability, but it was undoubtedly the best thing I ever did for myself.


The Other Side Of Trauma


One of the tools that I used to deal with my trauma based thoughts was expressive writing. Being able to express and acknowledge my pain brought relief, gave me control and enabled me to reflect mindfully.

The Other Side Of Trauma is a comprehensive book that looks at what trauma does inside of us, and provides tools and techniques to heal from our wounds through the practices of journaling and mindfulness.

As we become vulnerable and embrace our imperfections, so we are able to grow from our pain and forge a path toward authenticity.



  • Understand the impact of trauma on your mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Learn how to rewire and transform negative thought patterns into empowering ones.

  • Turn your pain into purpose.


  • Discover the benefits of writing.

  • Explore numerous writing techniques and unleash creativity.

  • Abundant journal writing exercises and prompts designed to be simple and effective.


  • A glimpse into my journey and the steps I took to attain healing from trauma, PLUS how I sequenced them to prevent overwhelm.

  • Discover how to embrace your true, authentic self and leave the pain behind.

  • Guided exercises and practices to build confidence, creativity and resilience in order to THRIVE.

Writing has been proven to have healing effects on those who have suffered trauma. Discover the power of expressing your thoughts and emotions through expressive writing.

Our thoughts drive our emotions, and therefore, how we react. Discover simple mindfulness practices that will help you to become conscious of your thought life & move toward positivity and abundance.

We're all creative beings, whether we believe it or not! Unleash your creativity and authenticity to find purpose and joy in your life.

Re-write your story

Grow your confidence from the inside out

Is fear, pain, doubt, or self-sabotage hindering your path to a happy life? Your confidence should never be determined by external factors; it should emerge naturally from within you, to ensure lasting and genuine fulfilment.

The key to discovering your confident, authentic self, and living the life of your dreams lies within your grasp. It all begins with you and the choices you make today!

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Grab your copy of The Other Side Of Trauma for just $7 today and change your thoughts, heal your wounds, and find harmony in your life. PLUS get a bonus free self-care workbook with your order.

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AUTHENTICITY awaits. Are you ready to write the next chapter?

You can achieve authenticity

Picture a world where you feel completely self-assured, embracing your true self from within, without being swayed, or moulded by cultural or societal expectations. Life's challenges, stress, and trauma have a knack for throwing us off balance, often turning our lives upside down. Traumatic experiences alter the neural pathways in our brains, potentially causing significant harm to our mental and physical well-being. There are ways to awaken our authentic self and give voice to our trauma. I use numerous practices, to connect to, and process my emotions. My hope is that I can share some of them with you, so that you can overcome your trauma and live your life with authentic purpose. Get your life-changing copy of The Other Side Of Trauma, while it is still discounted, PLUS the free self-care workbook.


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